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 In a largely unregulated and often unaudited 1031 Exchange industry, why trust just anyone with your funds? Genesis Bank Exchange is a division within Genesis Bank, a federally insured California state-chartered bank, providing you the comfort and security of knowing that your funds are safe and secure!

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Genesis Bank Exchange is both a Qualified Intermediary (“QI”) and a division within Genesis Bank. We lead the way in best practices to assure the safety and security of your funds and to provide state of the art execution of our clients' Section 1031 exchange transactions. As a banking institution, we are regulated by both the FDIC and the State of California, so you can take comfort in knowing we have the controls, audits, and regulatory oversight to ensure your funds are held in a safe and secure banking environment. Importantly, Genesis Bank’s liquidity sits in overnight Fed Funds at the U.S. Federal Reserve, and not in investment securities of any kind.

Learn more about the many advantages of working with the Genesis Bank Exchange, Genesis Bank Escrow, and Genesis Bank teams:


  • Security & Safety: Restricted, segregated, and secure trust accounts are held within our FDIC and State of CA regulated and insured banking institution and/or at the Federal Reserve. Unlike other QIs, funds are never commingled in a general account or used without oversight!
  • Accuracy & Protection: Genesis Bank Exchange provides streamlined, in-house, threefold wire review for enhanced fraud protection and accuracy. With fraud at historical levels, choose a QI that is a bank and has built-in controls and oversight.
  • Paperless & Secure: Genesis Bank Exchange uses paperless and secure file transfer processes that do not require notarization or wet signatures, built on an easily scalable electronic infrastructure that is fully automated and more efficient.
  • Technology & Expertise: Wire authorizations are verified using secure, intuitive, cloud-based solutions, as well as bank wire expert reviews for
    additional layers of security. Because Genesis Bank Exchange is a division within Genesis Bank, there is no “middleman” between you  and the bank holding your funds – just bank experts here to ensure a seamless and secure process.


  • Unregulated & Lacking Oversight:  At other QIs, funds are often held in unregulated and non-segregated subaccounts and connected to a master parent account where separate exchange funds may be commingled and used without oversight. Non-bank QI affiliates generally have to rely on fidelity bonds, third party corporate performance guarantees, and other layers of insurance for security.
  • Potential Risk & Imprecision: Other QIs have fewer controls and reviews of wires, with typically only two layers of review. This leaves more room for potential error when there are additional parties, outside banking institutions, and other "middlemen" as part of the process.
  • Antiquated & Manual: Other QIs rely on outdated, manual, paper-based processes that may require paper forms, file folders, and unsecured physical boxes to store your records and personal information.
  • Outdated & Unchecked: Unregulated non-bank exchange accommodators must use outsourced or affiliated banks for reconciliation and wires, resulting in potential errors and earlier wire cut off times than when you work directly with Genesis Bank as your QI.

Even the most complex 1031 exchange transactions do not need to be difficult.

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   Forward Exchange 1.10M__Feb 2024 - Santee CA_Compressed Forward Exchange 1.84M__Jan 2024 - San Diego  Forward Exchange 7.70M__Jan 2024 - Sugar Land    1031 Tombstone Test   3.10 M 1031 Exchange Carlsbad Oct 23    1031 Exchange Tombstone - LA for 14.55 M Nov 23    Tombstone_ Sep 2023_Delray Beach FL_2.60M Exchange Tombstone_ Sep 2023_Riverside_1.65M - compressed    Exchange Tombstone_ September 2023_Peru Indiana_138K    Exchange Tombstone_ September 2023_Naples Florida    1031 Exchange Tombstone Oakland Park Fl



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