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 At Genesis Bank Exchange, we understand the complexities and the critical time sensitivity of a 1031 Exchange transaction. Our experienced team will work with you to successfully and seamlessly complete the exchange within the regulations and the timeframe dictated by the IRS.

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A tax-deferred 1031 exchange allows you to dispose of investment properties and acquire “like-kind” properties, enabling you to reinvest proceeds that would otherwise be paid in taxes. There are many advantages to structuring your investment transaction as a 1031 Exchange with Genesis Bank Exchange:

  • Ability to defer capital gains taxes
  • Consolidation or diversification of your real estate portfolio
  • Increased purchasing power
  • Potential to increase cash flow / income

Through our team's extensive past experience founding, building, operating, and acquiring numerous market leading 1031 exchange accommodators, we are positioned - once again - to become the leading 1031 Exchange Accommodator in Southern California. We look forward to working closely with you to facilitate your exchange transactions. Learn more about the many advantages to working with Genesis Bank Exchange team:


  • Security & Safety: Restricted, segregated, and secure trust accounts are held within our FDIC regulated and insured banking institution and funds are never commingled in a general account
  • Technology & Expertise: Wire authorizations are verified using secure, intuitive, cloud-based solutions as well as bank wire expert reviews for additional layers of security
  • Accuracy & Protection: Streamlined, in-house threefold wire review for enhanced fraud protection and accuracy
  • Paperless & Secure: Paperless and secure file transfer processes that do not require notarization or wet signatures built on an easily scalable electronic infrastructure that is fully automated and more efficient 


  • Antiquated & Manual:  Outdated manual paper-based processes that may require wet signatures or in-person notarization and can be easily disrupted by force majeure events
  • Unsafe & Unregulated: Funds held in non-segregated FBO subaccounts and connected to a master parent account where separate exchange funds may be commingled
  • Outdated & Unchecked: Less secure non-regulated exchange accommodators must use outsourced banks for wires, resulting in earlier wire cut off times than when you work directly with a bank as  your qualified intermediary
  • Risk & Imprecision: Fewer controls and reviews of wires with typically only two layers of review 

Even the most complex 1031 exchange transactions do not need to be difficult.

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